Where Do Students Live In Leeds?

Leeds is a popular student city as a result of the two large universities, the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University. Famous for its culture and nightlife, living in Leeds as a student is something that the city’s university-goers all look forward to. Picking the right area to live in can be tricky task though, with a handful of areas on offer for students. Let’s check out the most popular students areas in Leeds!

Hyde Park

One of the most popular student areas in Leeds, Hyde Park is most students’ top pick when it comes to picking an area to live in. It’s a hub situated between the city centre and Headingley that suits every requirement and taste, whether you’re looking for a cosy 1 bedroom flat to a huge 10-person house. The back-to-back terraced houses lining the streets in Hyde Park mean you’ll have students all around you.

The location is tremendous for both the University of Leeds and the city centre which is a main highlight of the area. You can reach the university within 5 mins by bus and in 20 minutes maximum walking. This combined with the plethora of amenities on offer to students make Hyde Park arguably the most popular student area in Leeds.

The demand for places is pretty high in Hyde Park which has resulted in a slight increase in rent prices, but it is still largely affordable.


As a result of the slight shift in students looking more towards the city centre for accommodation (and thus places like Hyde Park), you can pick up a great place in Headingley for a good price.

As with Hyde Park, types of student accommodation vary, with small to large properties available to rent for students. This variety in property types has led to the area being extremely popular with students due to the varying sizes of student groups looking to rent out a property in Leeds.

The location is slightly further out, but bus routes still take only around 20 mins to get to the city centre. A key highlight to the area is what’s on offer for students. There are loads of shops, bars and restaurants to distract you from university life.


The nearest to the city centre and the two universities in Leeds, the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University, Woodhouse’s main draw is its location. Sandwiched between Hyde Park and the city centre, it’s an area that students have been attracted to because of the cheaper rent prices.

Though on the whole not as pretty an area as others in Leeds, the very close proximity to the university and city centre is a very handy positive. It’s got pubs, cafes and some shops for your basic amenities, but with the city centre on its doorstep, you won’t be far from anything you need.

Little Woodhouse is a prettier area with some great squares and open spaces, with rent prices slightly higher because of its residential nature.

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