Moving-In: Documents You Will be Provided With

When moving in to a new Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) property there are a few documents that you will be provided with.

Tenancy Agreement

You will be given a copy of the tenancy agreement once you have signed it. You may also be provided with a digital copy. Keep this in a safe place so that you can easily refer back to it if required. Everything you need to know about your tenancy will be in this document so it is important that you can review it whenever necessary.

How To Rent Checklist

The Government has produced a checklist for renting properties in the UK. This is a general checklist for all rental properties and is not specific to student letting but it is definitely well worth reading through the checklist and making sure you are fully aware of the topics they cover. You should be provided with a physical copy of the checklist - but you can find a digital copy here: How to rent: the checklist for renting in England


When you move into your new property you will be provided with an inventory. This document will cover all the items that are currently in the property and therefore what you are responsible for. In a furnished or part-furnished property this would include the specific items of furniture that are at the property. But most properties will come with some appliances or kitchenware that the landlord would like to be kept in working order. Therefore, you will be expected to read through and agree upon the items and the conditions of said items in the inventory. We reference this in our Guide to Getting your Full Deposit Back. Make sure you are completely happy with the items on the inventory. Don’t just sign this without checking the condition of all the items. If there is some damage to items before you move in, this should be clearly stated on the inventory so that you are not charged for this later.

Gas Safety Certificate

This is effectively a certificate that confirms that all of the gas appliances in the property have been checked and are safe to use. The gas safety certificate should not be more than 12 months old. Also be aware that if you ever require the servicing of any of the gas appliances, then the engineer should have a Gas Safe ID card - and will be registered on the Gas Safe Register. Make sure that anyone who works on the gas appliances can prove this. If you do not receive a copy of the gas safety certificate then you should request to see it from either the landlord directly or the letting agency.

Energy Performance Certificate

An energy performance certificate is require for any rental property. It basically outlines how energy efficient a property is, and suggested ways in which the energy performance of the property can be improved.

Ensure you have these documents and that you keep them somewhere safe for the duration of your tenancy agreement.

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